It took some time to get back here.

GOOD FOR THE ART started growing in a small studio apartment in Philadelphia as an outlet to quiet the chaos.

When 2020 closed the doors to everything, it opened a window to a place I’ve long forgotten.

The journey back to painting happened by chance or the sale sign stapled to a neatly wrapped canvas at a local art store. I decided buy as many as I could carry.

It felt familiar.

Picking up that paintbrush was a subtle nod to my inner child. The one that used draw in every school book and devour any manga he could get his hands on.

As the canvases started piling up on the floor, I was reminded that art has always been a gateway to a more colorful future.

The purpose of GOOD FOR THE ART is to bring back color into the spaces occupied by gray. To regenerate broken hearts once filled with hope. To bring conversation back into homes.

What’s bad for the heart is good for the art, right?

I hope to provide a space to inspire.

From my inner child to yours,